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Baroness Bramble Mustardseed

Baroness Bramble Mustardseed, Fairy of Thorns
SergeantFruitfly Nov 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The details are absolutely gorgeous! like... my mind has been blown.
:o W-O-W Your brilliant!! Ive sooo faved this!
Oh wow. This is amazing! The detailing is intense! Excellent work!
DuncanDDante Jul 4, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Now, that's just pure genius...
I am seriously impressed.
This is a detail of a larger drawing. It was sort of a "freeflow" or "automatic" drawing, where I started at the top and went down, creating the drawing with as little forethought and planning as possible.

Pencil on sketch paper

(As a side note: I do not reccomend using sketch paper for full fledged drawings, this one is only a year old and the paper has already gotten very brittle)
This work, like many of your works, has a fractal quality about it.  I feel as if I could zoom into it and keep seeing similar shapes and details emerge, even as it goes down to the molecular level.  Another aspect I seem to see is anthropomorphic and zoomorphic shapes, like faces and figures and embryos, coming out of the work, like faces that emerge when staring at rocks or a tree trunk.
i like your line work work line
Prismacolor colored pencil. A man crouches alone in the desert as the sun sets; he performs a meditative ritual to contact a spirit animal that will guide him on a spiritual quest.
hastsmak Oct 17, 2007   General Artist
Beautiful, do you practice shamanism?
tiamat9 Nov 19, 2005   Traditional Artist
The colors and pose are wonderful. The compostion is very well designed. Nice work.
Amazing drawing!!


Lews-Therrin Jul 4, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Hilarious! I really like it :D -the fur is great.
haha, epic. good stuff
Madame Sussurus, Fairy of Beetles
I really like this picture! It's different, a bit on the dark side; but it really appeals to me-but I'm just not sure why?

apolloofparnassus Jul 4, 2009
yeah, impressive details

Mister-Mantis Jul 4, 2009
Sweet detail- and the name is brilliant!